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  • Biju Pattanaik Film & Television Institute Of Orissa

Members of Finance Committee

Government in E&TE&T Department vide Resolution No.2623 Dt.28.07.2012 have constituted the Finance Committee with the following members

1. DTE&T, Odisha- Chairman

2. One Member of GB to be nominated by the Chairman, GB of BPFTIO - Member

3. FA-Cum-Jt.Sect./AFA-cum-Dy.Secy/AFA-cum-U.S E&TE&T Deptt. - Member

4. Deputy Secretary, Finance Deptt. - Member

5. Representative of E&TE&T Deptt not below the rank of Under Secy. to be noiminated by the Secretary, E&TE&T Deptt. - Member

6. Addl. Director/ Jt. Director / Dy. Director to be nominated by the DTE&T, Odisha- Member

7. Principal, BOSE, Cuttack - Member

8. Accounts Officer, DTE&T, Odisha - Member

9. Principal, BPFTIO, Cuttack - Member Convenor